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I. Home

II. Research

     A. Academic Background

     B. Online Publications

     C. Pensacola Colonial Frontiers Project

          1. Mission San Joseph de Escambe

          2. Mission San Antonio de Punta Rasa

III. Teaching

     A. Course Descriptions

     B. Graduate Student Admissions

     C. Graduate Course Advisement

     D. Graduate Thesis Committees

     E. UWF Field Schools Crew Shot Gallery

IV. Links

     A. General Links for UWF Students

          1. Pensacola-Area Hiking Trails

     B. General Writing Links

     C. Online Archaeology & History Journals

          1. Quick Index of Florida Anthropologist Online (1948-2019)

     D. Archival Links

          1. Archival Links: Maps

          2. Paleography

          3. Printed Document Collections

          4. Online Archive Primer

          5. Quick Archival Research Links

     E. Archaeology Links

     F. Organizations

V. Spanish Florida

     A. Chronology

          1. Settlement

               a. The Tristán de Luna Expedition

                    i. Luna Participants

                    ii. Luna Fleet

                    ii. Luna Settlement

                    iii. Luna Document Extracts

                    iv. Luna Bibliography

          2. Florida After 1763

               a. Selected Primary Source Records of American Pensacola

               b. Digitized Printed Sources for Havana History

     B. Places

          1. Presidios

               a. History of Colonial Pensacola

          2. Missions

          3. Digitized Colonial Maps of Spanish Florida

               a. Digitized Colonial Maps of Spanish Florida: Chronological Order

          4. Digitized Geographic Descriptions of Spanish Florida

          5. Digitized Post-Colonial Maps of Spanish Florida

               a. GLO Maps: Pensacola

               b. GLO Maps: Pensacola East

               c. GLO Maps: FL-AL Border (West)

               d. GLO Maps: FL-AL Border (Central)

               e. GLO Maps: FL-AL Border (East)

               f. GLO Maps: Apalachicola

               g. GLO Maps: Apalachee

               h. GLO Maps: Yustaga

               i. GLO Maps: Timucua

               j. GLO Maps: Potano

               k. Historic Topo Maps: Pensacola

     C. People

          1. Royal and Ecclesiastical Officials, 1474-1849

          2. The Governors of Colonial Florida, 1565-1821

          3. Soldiers of Spanish Colonial Florida, 1565-1763

          4. Franciscan Friars of Spanish Florida, 1574-1763

          5. Indigenous Groups of Spanish Florida

               a. Mission Provinces of Spanish Florida

               b. Southeastern Indian Tribes in the Present Day

     D. Culture

          1. Colonial-Era Spanish Language Resources

          2. Colonial-Era Spanish Law

               a. Topical Index to Diccionario de Gobierno y Legislación de Indias

          3. Colonial-Era Spanish Economy

          4. Colonial-Era Spanish Military

               a. Shot Size Tables

          5. Colonial-Era Spanish Seafaring

               a. Colonial-Era Spanish Ships

               b. Colonial-Era Spanish Compass Bearings

          6. Colonial-Era Spanish Catholic Liturgical Calendar

               a. Colonial-Era Spanish Catholic Movable Feast Days

               b. 1542 Breviary

               c. 1675 Breviary

               d. 1729 Breviary

               e. 1738 Breviary

          7. Colonial-Era Weights and Measures

               a. Tables of Spanish Colonial Weights and Measures

               b. Quick Conversion Tables for Basic Colonial Measures

          8. Colonial-Era Spanish Material Culture

               a. Colonial-Era Material Culture Definitions

               b. Material Culture Categories

               c. Exchange Lists: Spain-America

          9. Colonial-Era Spanish Recipes

          10. Colonial-Era Spanish Medicine

     E. Bibliography: Books

          1. Compiled Bibliography of Spanish Florida Sources

     F. Documents

          1. Document Transcriptions

               a. Mission Lists and Visitations

                    i. 1604 Visitation

                    ii. 1606 Visitation

                    iii. 1655 Mission List

                    iv. 1657 Visitation

                    v. 1675 Mission List: Soldiers

                    vi. 1675 Mission List: Bishop

                    vii. 1677-1678 Visitation

                    viii. 1679-1680 Mission List

                    ix. 1681 Census

                    x. 1685 Visitation

                    xi. 1694-1695 Visitation

                    xii. 1697 Mission List

                    xiii. 1698 Visitation

                    xiv. 1701 Visitation

                    xv. 1711 Census

                    xvi. 1717 Census

                    xvii. 1726 Visitation

                    xviii. 1728 Census

                    xix. 1736 Census

                    xx. 1736 Census (Men at Arms)

                    xxi. 1738 Census

                    xxii. 1739 Census

                    xxiii. 1752 Census

                    xxiv. 1759 Census

               b. Mission Church Inventories

                    i. 1681 Inventory of Mission Churches in Florida

                    ii. 1704 Inventory of Mission Churches in Apalachee

                    iii. 1722 Inventory of Church at Presidio San Joseph

                    iv. 1731 Inventory of Church at Presidio Isla de Santa Rosa

               c. Military Rosters: St. Augustine

                    i. 1565-1566 Ration List [also includes Santa Elena]

                    ii. 1578 Muster [also includes Santa Elena]

                    iii. 1587 Roster

                    iv. 1671 Roster

                    v. 1702 Roster

                    vi. 1712 Roster

                    vii. 1740 Roster

               d. Military Rosters: San Miguel de Panzacola

                    i. 1760, Oct. 10 Muster

                    ii. 1761, Jan. 10 Muster

                    iii. 1761, Feb. 10 Muster

                    iv. 1763, Sept. 13 Evacuation List

               e. Military Rosters: Second Spanish Pensacola

                    i. 1795, Dec. 31 Roster of Officers, Regiment of Luisiana

                    ii. 1796, Dec. 31 Roster of Officers, Regiment of Luisiana

                    iii. 1798, Jan. 20 Muster, 3rd Battalion (Pensacola), Regiment of Louisiana

                    iv. 1798, Feb. 5 Muster, 3rd Battalion (Pensacola), Regiment of Louisiana

                    v. 1798, Mar. 5 Muster, 3rd Battalion (Pensacola), Regiment of Louisiana

               f. Military Rosters: San Marcos de Apalache

                    i. 1763 Roster

               g. Legal Proceedings: Testimony

                    i. 1654 Testimony regarding the 1647 Apalachee Revolt

                    ii. 1761 Investigation regarding Mission Escambe

               h. Legal Proceedings: Inventories

                    i. 1651 Inventory of Asile Hacienda

               i. Legal Proceedings: Financial Accounts

                    i. 1683 Florida Situado Account Summary

               j. Miscellaneous Documents: Reports

                    i. 1675 Bishop's Letter

                    ii. 1707 Report by the Florida Franciscans

                    iii. 1759 Solana Report on the Current State of Florida

               k. Miscellaneous Documents: Geographic Descriptions and Map Legends

                    i. 1602 Descriptions of the Atlantic Coast between St. Augustine and Santa Elena

                    ii. 1630 Testimony re: Florida Geography and Ethnology

                    iii. 1756 Agustín López de la Cámara Alta Map of Pensacola Bay

                    iv. 1763 Diego Ortíz Parrilla and Felipe Feringan Cortés Map of Pensacola

                    v. 1768 Juan Joseph Eligio de la Puente Map of Pensacola Bay

                    vi. 1781 Francisco de Navas Map of Pensacola

                    vii. 1792 Map of Pensacola and Forts San Bernardo and San Miguel

                    viii. 1813 Map of Pensacola by Vicente Sebastián Pintado

               l. Miscellaneous Documents: Expedition Diaries

                    i. 1699 Tampa Bay Expedition Diary

               m. Miscellaneous Documents: Gubernatorial Orders

                    i. 1614 Order regarding the Cacique of Carlos

               n. Miscellaneous Documents: Peace Treaties

                    i. 1758 Peace Treaty

                    ii. 1761 Peace Treaty

               o. Multiple Documents

                    i. Luna Expedition Documents

                    ii. Mission San Joseph de Escambe Documents

          2. Biblioteca Nacional Bound Document Collections

     G. Spanish Florida Research Aids

          1. Spanish Colonial Archives: Structure

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