Lab class - John E. Worth

Teaching and Advisement

This page includes information relating to my teaching and advisement for both undergraduate and graduate students.

As a general rule, student success in my classes will be determined by: (1) attending class (including paying attention, and participating when appropriate), (2) reading ALL assigned material carefully by the due date, (3) completing all assignments in a careful and timely manner, and (4) communicating promptly with me or the teaching assistant regarding any content, grading, or attendance issues. Good study habits and time management skills are also pivotal, since they can make or break student grades, regardless of capability. Additionally, students should also avail themselves of extra credit opportunities whenever they are offered, since this sometimes makes the difference in final grades, especially in borderline cases.

I have developed the following resources for students at all levels:

In addition, below are pages with specific resources for graduate students:

On a separate page I have assembled a UWF Field Schools Crew Shot Gallery with group photos of all the students who participated in the terrestrial archaeological field schools I have taught since 2009.