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The artist Evan Reinheimer turned me on to Kite Aerial Photography. But, it turns out there is a long history of Low-oblique Aerial Photography in geospatial studies.


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Validating viewsheds


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Viewsheds cause legal disputes due to their important impact on property values. A study by Ashton Morgan found that people are willing to pay $1228 more for property for each additional viewshed it has. Therefore, when our group surveyed the area and used GIS to correct the viewshed statistics of the property, we were able to determine if the property is over or undervalued based on its given viewshed. This can lead to legal disputes when houses are built on property that significantly decreases the viewshed of other properties. What should be done to compensate the surrounding properties that take significant value loss when incidents like these arise? That question is one that has yet to receive a good answer and is one of the many reasons legal disputes arise over property.

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