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Associate Professor of GIS

Brief Bio:

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with a minor in Applied Computer Science (UCF). I also have a Master of Science degree in Management - MIS track (UCF) and a Ph.D. in Geography (FSU). I have worked in professional information technology and geographic information systems (GIS) positions for over fifteen years before joining a full-time academic role at UWF in 2015.

I continue to maintain my Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) credentials. Also, I am proud to have published three chapters in the UCGIS Geographic Information Science & Technology Body of Knowledge (BoK) , the most currently in press and on the topic of spatial joins.


I am a human-environment geographer and a geographic information scientist (see GIScience). I am the primary faculty in the MS GIS Administration Program here at UWF.

My research agenda focuses on developing and applying novel cartographic methods to the challenges faced by society at the urban scale. Specifically, this work involves three threads that focus on (1) spatial analysis of hazards/safety; (2) the challenge of mapping crimes facilitated by mobility ; and the application of (3) participatory mapping, specifically of shared/public space. My recent book focuses beach as a place where what one possesses, one has a claim to, becomes property. How that possession is enforced socially makes all the difference in defining what constitutes territoriality.

With GIS colleagues at SHRUG 2022
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Mapping perceptions of public spaces with honors students

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