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Desktop Users: MyUWF is best viewed in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox

iPhone/iPad Users: Create a Home screen link to MyUWF by opening in Safari and then clicking the icon at the bottom of the screen.

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A to Z Index (upper-right corner)
List of all apps available to you based on your role(s) (student, faculty, etc.). Apps that you frequently access can be added to the home page by clicking the star next to the app.

Searches the A to Z list of apps.

Default Home Apps
A core set of apps for your role(s) (student, faculty, etc.) appears on the home page by default and cannot be removed. Starring a default app moves it to the top of the list of apps on the home page.

Starred apps appear at the top of the list of apps on the home page.

Some apps, like RouteIt, can sense when there is something that needs your attention. If an app senses that you have inbox items, the app will appear in the Notifications section of the home page. In the apps list, the app icon will display a numbered badge indicating the number of items waiting for your action.

New and timely apps are Featured on the home page and highlighted in the app listing. Look for grades to be featured once they are posted, and parking permits to be featured when it's time to renew.